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Redesign based on Scandinavian style

The library, placed in the centre of Ronse, in the Flemish Ardennes, was built in 1963 by the architect Dan Craet (1926-2013). He was inspired by the Scandinavian style that is still relevant to this day, an ode to light and natural materials.

Over the past few years, it became more and more obvious that the library furnishing and service area were in need of a thorough facelift. A special designed, customer-friendly reception area and an extensive range of seating furniture installed in 2021 have now made the library a comfortable place you would want to stay and hang out in. Now, there is space for working alone or in groups with the new cosy, functional seating, and study tables, so the library can support learning, education, and sociality.

Librarian Karen Demeulemeester says: “With the redesign of the interior we have maintained the original atmosphere and character of the building. We wanted to ensure comfort and user-friendliness for our visitors. Thanks to the elegant and sober new furniture, we are taking a leap towards a contemporary library service.”

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