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Lubbeek embraces new round library

The old library, housed in a presbytery from the mid-eighteenth century, was due for renewal after 30 years. A new round building was chosen near the town hall. Thanks to its round shape, the building opens to the surrounding buildings and the street. The round construction meets the wishes of the library team: a clearly recognizable, transparent and inviting library, compact but very spatially and flexible to use.
The 60/30 Shelving system follows the curved shape of the building so that the openness of the library is emphasized. The white shelving and the raw natural materials such as concrete and pine give the library a simplistic and sleek design.

Chris Delcourte, librarian: “The interior design is the result of a collaboration between the Dierendonckblancke architectural office and the library team, each of which contributed to the project's success with their insights and expertise. During the design process, Schulz Benelux was a valuable partner for us because of their wide range of furniture, their thorough quality, the possibility of customization, their thorough knowledge of the library and excellent reputation.”

Overwhelmed by a spatial wow feeling when entering the library, the visitor can easily find his way in the bright interior and leave the library satisfied with a blissful zen feeling.

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