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Bibox – library in the church

The location of the library is unique: in and next to the Saint-Laurentius church in Wielsbeke. The church remains in use, the library is installed on a new mezzanine in the nave of the church. Adjacent to the church, a new building houses, among other things, the counter, the comics and DVD department and the back office. The architects made an optical connection between existing and new: the red-brown corrugated façade panels evoke the image of the spine of books and match the color of the church.

Library shelves and furniture in white and soft colors give full attention to the books, but there is more. Librarian Nele Verfaille: "Our book collection is comfortably displayed and we have several spots throughout the library where people can sit and read or look up, meet, and where we can organize activities."

Councilor Daisy Haydon emphasizes the continuing importance of the library: "A library anno 2019 must be easily accessible and adapted to the needs and requirements of society today. Because of the abundance of information, the library has an important role to play as a guide, and as a meeting place the library is also a social player. "

Why the name Bibox? A contraction of library and box: the library is slid into the church like a box in a box. The "Bi" stands for the dual function of the building, and the "ox" for the oxygen that the library brings to society. A name that covers things perfectly.

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