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Accommodating front display

Hvidovre library now also has unmanned opening hours, which makes new demands on the interior design. Low, white shelving makes the room uncluttered and accommodating. Now you can easily see all the way to the large window surfaces where you find room for stay and study.

A snake-shaped wooden shelving winds its way through the library and takes the user on a journey of discovery in non-fiction books. The round shelving is extra low so that it can be used for exhibition.

The counter also has a curved shape in the same light and natural material. It has moved into the room, thereby welcoming the users better. Behind the counter there is room for sorting books.

In the children’s area most shelfs have been replaced with browsers so that children are now greeted by front covers.

In addition to display podiums and the low shelving, sloping shelfs have been added in the adult’s area in order to show more front covers.

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