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Spacious areas

"Télécom Paris, founded in 1878, is the first major French public school for digital engineers, attached to the Institut Mines-Télécom. Initially based in Paris, the school moved to a new building in the European Silicon Valley in 2019.

The library / Documentary and Digital Resource Centre (CRDN) has therefore been completely redesigned in order to be able to offer different areas to students, teachers and staff. Designed as a "third place" with spacious areas, the CRDN offers its users many services and documentary resources.

Located in the centre of the school and with an area of approximately 800 m2, the library has been completely refurbished with new furniture. It consists of three large areas: a work room, a room consisting of books and a room for relaxation as well as 11 collaborative work rooms. An adjoining cafeteria houses a Cocoon in which librarians can offer books and newspapers as donations.

The CRDN is particularly bright and spacious, and the choice was made to equip it with white furniture in order to intensify this effect. Splashes of blue and yellow create a contrast to the white furniture and surroundings and thereby create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

The library is very popular and frequented by its users, the eclectic furniture contributes to this, e.g., with tables of different sizes and heights; alcoves; hammocks; rocking chairs; armchairs and sofas. The shelving systems are also different depending on the type of media to be stored; classic for social science; low and rounded for novels; with browsers for graphic novels; with doors for magazines stored in the Ordrup display unit.

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