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A media library with focus on comfort and space

Opened in 2020, La Poterie Library located in Suresnes, France, is placed on the ground floor covering a total of 400m².

The library offers services and collections such as books, DVDs, CD’s, vinyl records, and other services intended for all types of users in a friendly atmosphere.

Due to its location on the ground floor, there were many architectural constraints (limited natural light, many load-bearing posts, etc.) and it therefore required particular attention in designing the interior layout. The choice of furniture as well as the layout had to be adapted to the different areas in the library, and by using modular furniture as well as furniture with different levels, the needs and uses of the public were considered.

The work carried out in collaboration with BC Intérieur for the entire interior design has resulted in a cheerful and flexible library, with spaces that are visually coherent and clearly differentiated! This successful cooperation has created a cultural space, that invites the citizens to come in and spend time in the library either listening to a record in large armchairs, reading stories or comic books on comfortable poufs, or working in smaller groups.

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