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Resource centre for libraries

The Pyrénées-Orientales Departmental Media Library (also known as Claude Simon Departmental Media Library) is a resource center for the region’s libraries which, among other things, is responsible for the lending of documents, consultancy, engineering work, processing grant applications for local authorities and training of library staff. It is not as such a library for the general citizen, but instead provides technical and financial assistance to municipalities and local communities.

The renovation work took place in 2020-2021. The purpose of the refurnishing was to unite the original library's mission with contemporary trends and in that way create both a resource center and a space for inspiration.

The old, renovated shops are now divided into four areas; on the ground floor there is a youth area and an entertainment area, on the first floor there is the adult section and a board games area. Each area is characterized by a specific color used for signage. In all departments, it is possible to get access and help in the Catalan language, and there are resources for remote audiences (e.g. collections with large print, braille and audio books) as well as various media types (CDs, vinyls, DVDs, etc.).

A board games area has been built from an old, unused apartment that belonged to the main building. It thus helps to increase the range of resources, materials and training offered by the library.

The next phase of the remodeling of the Pyrénées-Orientales library will be with particular emphasis on how the reception and education area can be rethought.

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