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Kongsberg is a city with many great technological achievements. This is reflected in the city’s new library, which is created with a combination of the latest in technology and interactivity along with the traditional interior which is found in any other library.

Kongsberg Public Library is placed in KRONA – Kongsberg Culture- and knowledge House that also includes a college library, College of Buskerud, the higher College Tinius Olsen, a composites laboratory, Kongsberg Norwegian centre, three cinemas, a musical theatre and lecture room, black-box theatre as well as municipal offices. In other words, a house that accommodates a lot and allows interaction.

The library is developed as a collaboration between the library, our sister company BS Eurobib As and Redia A/S, which has delivered the interactive solutions.

BS Eurobib has delivered all furniture, interior and lighting and has had great focus on colours, light and design. The goal was to create a place to be, not just a library, but also a meeting place for the citizens of Kongsberg. It was important to tie the traditional and new media together and the innovative, interactive solutions makes the library unique.

In the library there is a strong focus on children because they are future users and thus an important target group. The ambition is that the children’s zone is a fun place to be for the children and a nice place to be for the adults.

There are many interactive opportunities for users of the new library that inspire to learning and arouse the curiosity of children and adults alike. It’s mainly about playing for knowledge with interactivity as a starting point and reading the target. The interactive floor invites you to play and learn and spreads life and activity throughout the library. A big, visual panoramic screen shows scenes from the book that is read aloud to the audience. In the music department you find an Audio Factor for music experiences and throughout the library you find digital signage and book machines with information on available books.

The interactive Eye, which is placed in the entrance area, is both an anatomic and iconic installation that is meant to involve and inspire visitors and students to learn more about this specific part of the human body. By interacting with the eye you get the opportunity to investigate the world from a whole new angle and see how it is to be colour blind or have an impaired vision. Read more (English)

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