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The world's northernmost library in new settings

In the middle of the Arctic Ocean at the northern polar circle lies the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard. In the Arctic main town Longyearbyen is the world's northernmost public library placed. The library has been refurbished and now shares location with the cultural house. The number of visitors has doubled since the library opened its doors to the 2,000 inhabitants of Svalbard in June 2017.

The library are now 500 m2 in settings that are both spacious, bright and inviting. At the library they enforce the tradition of taking off shoes before entering the library. It creates a warm and nice atmosphere; something that is also emphasized in the choice of materials and colors as well as the interior design in general.

Lots of activities are going on yearround in both the cultural house and the library, that also offers unmanned opening hours. This new place is the cultural meeting place for both literature festival, concerts and other events.

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