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An unmanned open library that has become the everyday place of the town

The library in Bara with an area of 400 m2 opened in autumn 2015 in new premises. From the beginning of the process the library was planned to become an unmanned open library and that turned out to be a great advantage for the planning and building process. Together with the library employees, Lammhults Biblioteksdesign designed interior solutions which the municipiality used as a base for the decision making.

The library is equipped with white Frontline shelving system supplied with different functions such as magazine storage and display shelves. The shelving system is placed so that it is accessible no matter where in the room you are.

That everything needs to be accessible put demands on the furniture; for example, magazines and newspapers must be easy to grap, both the latest ones and older issues. The storage/display function in the Frontline shelving system with storage of newspapers behind display shelves fulfills these requirements and is a popular solution for both employees and visitors.

The shelving system partly needed to be with castors and moveable for increased flexibility and possibility to use parts of the room for different events. In some places end panels are used for Eureka search station, other places they are used as signage. To display news, themes and create interest, Quattro display towers in white and orange are used in two different heights.

To make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for, the library strives for using signage and marking by use of colours and symbols. End panels and pillars are already used for signage and clear texts show where to find what.

An unmanned library does not create distance to inhabitants, but may help increasing the interaction compared to a traditional library. Visitors are more likely to clean up after themselves when the library is unmanned; the first visitors in the morning most often pick up newspapers and place them on the shelves when done reading. People meet and interact, both young and elderly. Bara library has indeed become the common meeting place in town.

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