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My Hive

My Hive

Design: Poul Christiansen

Acoustic seating and workstation

My hive is a flexible workstation available in two different models: A spacious, rectangular workstation, and a hexagon-shaped one.

The key features of this product create a minimal and elegant expression: First, instead of legs, My Hive integrates the table-top into the sound absorbent screens. Second, the mechanism for adjusting height is hidden behind zippers. Third, there is a smart case under the table used to store the cables.

The hexagon has been employed to create dynamic workstation clusters to recreate privacy in an open library area. My Hive provides an acoustics environment to help the customers to stay focused in a private zone.

Please notice that we offer the entire range of Abstracta products. 


The My Hive workstation’s tabletop is space-savingly integrated with sound-absorbing partitions, thus enhancing the unit’s overall elegance.  And gives a result of more internal privacy and less background noise from the outside world.

The screen consists of a soundabsorbent filling mounted within a solid wood frame. Both sides of the screen are upholstered in fabric. The fixed or height-adjustable desk is made of white laminate. Concealed cables/mechanism.

Material textile fabric, solid wood
Widht 2010/1610 mm
Height 1350 mm
Adjustable height 685 - 1185 mm
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