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Our design team

Let's design your dream library!

We invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to revitalize libraries, making them vibrant, accessible and indispensable public spaces, hubs of knowledge and community engagement. 

Our dedicated and passionate team is the driving force behind our commitment to transforming libraries into vibrant, community-centric spaces. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills, expertise and experiences to the table, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment where creativity flourishes and challenges are met with enthusiasm. Our collective knowledge spans various disciplines, including library interior design and community engagement.

Our interior design expertise can help you save time and effort in the library design process, whether it's about modernizing your library or designing a brand new one. Together, we can shape the future of libraries and empower generations to come.

Contact our experienced interior designers when you want to co-design with your community, modernize your library or build a new.

How we work

Library design

We generate, facilitate and formalise ideas and turn them into beautiful, practical and flexible public spaces with interior plans, themes, furnitures and cost estimates.

Our competences:

  • Consultation
  • Collaboration with libraries, architects, contractors, etc.
  • Customised interior solutions
  • Reuse or update of existing furniture
  • Development of special designed furniture
  • 2D/3D interior plans with descriptions of functions, materials, colours, surfaces, etc.
  • Comprehensive project management including regular meetings and supervision during installation


Libraries are our passion, and we love to inspire and challenge you to think innovatively, sharing our knowledge and exploring possibilities together.

Our competences:

  • Knowledge of relevant references, with the option to arrange contacts
  • Extensive understanding of contemporary and future libraries (layout, user trends, library activities, branding, logistics, etc.)
  • Familiarity with all types of libraries (public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries and company libraries)
  • Expertise in understanding and implementing new trends (new furniture categories, colours, materials, graphics, navigation, movement mapping, etc.)
  • Significant international experience
  • An understanding of the impact of new technologies



Contact our team


Our consultants and interior designers have extensive experience in space planning and cost estimation. They can help estimate the total cost of transformation projects or setting up new spaces.

We have the flexibility to tailor our solutions to meet specific needs and budgets and are ready to assist with projects of all sizes and cover everything from idea to installation.


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More about us

Library interior design is part of our DNA. We are passionate about creating inspiring library spaces that meet individual requirements in terms of design and development.

> Business areas

With strong project management skills in place, we can handle any kind of projects from complementing existing installations to interior design of new libraries and community hubs.

> Library design process

We offer guidance to our clients in preparing tenders and often act as a strategic partner for library development teams, architects, designers and consultants.

> Tender guidance

We continuously strive to increase the proportion of environmentally certified products incorporated into our library interior designs.

> Sustainability