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The newly renovated library has a large increase in number of visitors

In the first opening month, 6,380 people visited Billund Library, an increase of 20% compared to the same month last year.

Billund is the Capital of Children! Billund Municipality has a vision to make the city a great place to grow up and develop into creating world citizens with knowledge and skills that are created through learning, play and creativity. The goal is that results, projects and knowledge must also benefit children regionally, nationally and internationally.

The vision to make Billund a national and international hub for children, creativity, play and learning is created by Billund Municipality and the LEGO Foundation in 2012.

As part of this vision, Billund library has been renovated and modernized and is helping to create the framework for children's cultural experiences, active cultural production and creative learning.

The library is in every detail designed with a focus on inspiring children and people of all ages to learn and explore new topics based on a mix of free play, exploratory learning and physical movement.

Ole Bisbjerg, head of libraries, citizen services and museums, said:
"It is very pleasing that citizens already, so soon after the opening, have adopted the library and are using it frequently. We have many happy children and adults visiting our library who are positively surprised by the spectacular interior design and the many offers and opportunities at the library in the Capital of Children."

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