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School libraries

The innovative, literate, and educational power centre of the school

School libraries have many purposes. We are ready to help with good advice and guidance on interior design.

On this page, you will find inspiration and links to products that fit the interior of school libraries.  

Be inspired by other libraries and get tips for new interior design or changes of existing layout. We make individual interior solutions in close collaboration with you and come with suggestions on how to reuse or refreshen your interior.

Check out the articles below and contact us!


Desire to read in playful surroundings.

> Read more about "READ"

Display and storage furniture

Provide exhibition areas. 

> Read more about “Display and storage furniture

Show frontpages

Show it – don’t tell.

> Read more about “Frontpage exposure”

Flexible interior

Move it around!

> Read more about “Flexible interior



Study places


Peace and quiet to study.

> Read more about “Study places

Reading caves


Time out during busy school days.

> Read more about “Reading caves

Transport and delivery


Make it easy to transport books.

> Read more about “Transport and delivery”

The workplace


Room for guidance and help.

> Read more about “The workplace