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Biophilic library design - Natural light


When we engage with new projects we want to be as authentic and loyal to the architecture of the library space as possible by embracing the natural lines and formation of the room and, if possible, the natural light from outside.  

A distinguishing feature of biophilic design is the integration of natural light. Our featured projects show the benefits of naturally lit library environments, beautifully combined with soft and aesthetical architecture associated with natural forms and materials.


The power of natural light

Lighting is an important part of our interior design solutions and is not always easy to get right. Skylights and views of outdoor areas emphasize the feeling of being outside as well as the integration of plants and trees into communal open spaces within the library.

Libraries with large windows and glass facades benefit from the fact that it is easier to flood the space with natural light. However, not all libraries have such architectural advantages or the economy to change facades to let in natural light.

Replacing heavy and dark furniture that take up all space and view, will make the library appear brighter and more inviting. The effectiveness of biophilic design can also be seen by removing or replacing doors between the rooms with e.g. doors of glass while adding lot of space between the furniture so the urban aspect seem less noticeable and the overall interior less crowded.

When artificial light is necessary, the choice of lighting system should reflect natural light. Modern solutions may even make it possible to automatically adjust the light to time of day, the amount of natural light etc.

The projects below show examples of how natural light can be incorporated in libraries to support a biophilic approach.

Ishøj Public Library, Denmark

Ishøj Public Library, Denmark

Ronse Public Library, Belgium

Ronse Public Library, Belgium

Trith Saint Léger Public Library, France

Trith Saint Léger Public Library, France

Krokoms Public Library, Sweden

Krokoms Public Library, Sweden





Dokk1 Aarhus, Denmark

Dokk1 Library in Aarhus, Denmark has big, open facades with lots of natural light coming in. The 360-degree panorama view creates a conscious connection between outside and inside with views of the stream, the ocean and the new docks.

Both inside and outside, the emphasis has been on reducing energy consumption as much as possible, including the use of LED lamps, and lights which are automatically turned off when areas have not been in use for a determined period of time.   

The library forms a living and active space that blurs out the lines between the urban space and surrounding nature. The visitors have diverse possibilities to experience, discover and play in a bright area that are not too crowded creating a sense of being out in the open. 

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We help bring out biophilic library design that seeks to satisfy our innate need to affiliate with nature.

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