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The ultimate goal for Virginia Library was to create a vibrant, inclusive future-ready hub with a variety of unique spaces so when each library user comes to the library, they have their own favourite spot to read, relax or work or play.

We understand that library of today is not just a collection of books or a place to study – it is now a community space for digital, creation, imagination, discovery, and inclusion.
We embraced all their aspirations. Virginia Library is now that future-proofed, flexible, multi-use community space that provides innovative facilities alongside traditional library services.
The newly constructed Virginia Civic Cultural and Library Services Centre houses both the new Library and the refurbished Ramor Theatre in the heart of the town. Covering a floor space of some 310m2, the two-storey Library enjoys excellent visibility to passing pedestrians and traffic to the front of the building and benefits from a garden area and outdoor auditorium to the rear.

The significantly larger premises afforded Cavan Library Service the scope to develop an enhanced and exciting service for the local community. The customised fit-out of the new Library includes a dedicated children’s area on the ground floor along with a young adult zone within the adult library on the first floor. Increased seating accommodates greater options for after-school study and help ease exam time pressures.

The introduction of easy seating options throughout the library meets a range of needs and encourages readers to treat their visit to the library as a relaxing experience that promotes health and well-being.
The library enables the community to study, work, and create, by providing free access to increased capacity high-speed internet and Wi-Fi; a print management system for printing, scanning, and photocopying, with the additional option of wireless printing from mobile devices and remote printing from home.

A “Design for all” approach was taken to ensure accessibility. The finished library provides a unique aesthetic and creates an exciting library environment.


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