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Donation create change in Ghana

A donation and partnership with Ghana Library Friends

Our belief is that education is the key to making positive changes in society. We are supporting Ghana Library Friends (“Ghana Biblioteksvenner”, Danish), a humanitarian association working to establish free libraries in villages of Northern Ghana.

With the donation of a significant number of library furniture and library inventory we aim to be a part of a community striving to bring knowledge and learning for all in Northern Ghana, where access to books, libraries and education is often limited. 


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Ghana Library Friends

Ghana Library Friends is a Danish humanitarian association working to establish free libraries in villages of Northern Ghana. The association consists of more than 50 members and seeks to:

  • promote reading and language proficiency.
  • conduct courses for adults with literacy challanges.
  • enhance information by providing search competence.
  • make information and knowledge freely accessible for all.
  • promote democratic awareness.
  • provide books and other materials for everyone.


New library in the heart of Dalun, Northern Ghana

More than 4 years ago, a new library was established in the local village of Dalun. Ghana Library Friends has been the driving force behind the project and took the lead in renovating a former youth center. Working in collaboration with a local carpenter, custom tables, browsers and shelving systems were crafted for the library.

The library is open every day of the week, serving not only as a space for reading and study but also as a social hub where various activities, including reading nights and festivals, unfold. This community-centric approach has made the library a gathering place for locals of all ages, with a particular focus on children and young people under the age of 15, constituting half of Dalun's population.

Rather than borrowing books to take home, which is not common in Ghana, children, school classes, youth, and adults converge at the local library for reading. Thus, the library plays a crucial role in engaging the local community as well as neighboring villages, where people transport themselves on bicycles and cross the rivers in canoes to participate in library activities.

“We are delighted to see how the local community has embraced the library as their own. It is their library. While we provide support and make furniture and inventory available, the continued success of the library is in their hands. And indeed, they are doing an excellent job.”
– Britta Bitsch, Chairman, Ghana Library Friends.  



Donation of library furniture to Ghana

In 2024, we decided to donate a selection of library furniture to support Ghana Library Friends and their humanitarian work.

Our partnership with Ghana Library Friends goes beyond traditional business connections. It marks a union of our expertise in library design and library furniture and the association’s work for establishing free libraries. Through this synergy, we create spaces that are not only filled with functional library furniture, but also with hope, learning and creativity for all communities and people in Northern Ghana.

Libraries should be a free space, available for all. That is why our donation goes beyond delivering library furniture. It is an investment in creating learning centers that play a key role in breaking the cycle of poverty and supporting responsible development globally.




The local carpenter assembles a picture book browser.

School class in Dalum uses the new library.

Discussion of books in reading group.


Which library furniture has been donated?

Since funds for libraries are tight, libraries in Northern Ghana are often very spartan and do not contain much furniture. As leading library influencers, we want to change that. The products for this donation to the library in Dalun have been carefully selected not only to enhance the functionality of the library but also to create an inviting and inspiring space. The donation consist exclusively of surplus products from our warehouse, giving them new life by passing them on to the library in Northern Ghana.


Our donation includes Elof and Ture picture book browsers, specially crafted to engage young minds. These browsers offer an organized and accessible display of picture books, encouraging children to explore the enchanting world of literature from an early age.

The puzzle table with four stools is more than just furniture; it's a hub for collaborative learning and encourages group activities, discussions, and the joy of learning together. For budding artists, our donation includes the Michelangelo Easel that provides a dedicated space for creative expression, allowing individuals to explore their artistic talents within the library setting.

Emma and Maria podiums serve as dynamic platforms for presentations and interactive sessions, along with the Sara browser that empower librarians and educators to engage their audience effectively, creating a vibrant and participatory learning environment. The Crossrunner Maxi and Ørestad book trolleys offer mobility, enabling librarians to efficiently manage and transport books throughout the library.

To enhance the learning experience, we have included Alphabet Stones and various displays in our donation, and to ensure the longevity of literary treasures, our donation includes Filmolux Soft Book Foil and PS Book Support. Lastly, our donation incorporates Blackboard Foil Easy Dot, a creative tool that transforms surfaces into dynamic spaces for ideas and communication.


The products donated aim to transform the library in Dalun into a vibrant hub of knowledge and creativity. From nurturing early readers with dedicated picture book browsers to fostering collaborative learning through puzzle tables, our contributions are designed to create inclusive and inspiring spaces for the community. These items not only enhance the functionality of libraries but also contribute to a rich and immersive learning experience for individuals of all ages in Ghana. Through this donation, we hope to catalyse a positive change in the way knowledge is accessed and shared within the Ghanaian community.



Library furniture is picked up at the headquarter's warehouse in Holsted.


Britta Bitsch, Chairman, Ghana Library Friends.



“We have dreamed of getting contemporary library furniture for Dalun in Ghana for a long time. Our organization is overwhelmed by the generous donation and blown away by the amazing products from Lammhults Biblioteksdesign. As a previous Librarian and Library Manager, I know Lammhults Bibliotekdesign for their quality design and high standards. The library in Dalun now appears much more vibrant, exciting and modern."

- Britta Bitsch, Chairman, Ghana Library Friends


“We are grateful to support meaningful causes and help children, youth and adults worldwide become more literate and educated. Our goal is to establish library spaces that add value and purpose to both individuals and communities, irrespective of geographical locations or social contexts.” 

- Mikael Kjeldsen, CEO



Library furniture arrives at Dalun.

Entrance to the village library.

Donated library furniture is being put to use.



Library furniture donation for a better world  

Through our donation to Ghana Library Friends we do not only want to help create libraries – we want to create places where hope and knowledge converge. We express our gratitude to Ghana Library Friends, the local community, and everyone involved in making this initiative a reality.

As the local community continues to embrace the library in Dalun as their own, we are confident that this endeavour will have a lasting legacy. Through the joy of reading, the excitement of learning, and the sense of community that the library fosters, we envision a future where the seeds of knowledge planted today will grow into a forest of possibilities for generations to come.

Please contact us if you need help with your library interior project or have any questions.

If you wish to make a donation to Ghana Library Friends and support their work for free libraries in Northern Ghana, please contact



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